Emblem of Respect

The Emblem of Respect

The outer circle

The outer circle represents the world and all it's inhabitants. To blend in the best way possible on all Martial Art suits (Gi), the color is black.

The hexagon shapes

The hexagon shapes represent the core values within Martial Arts. Because of the purity of these values, the colors are black & white. Yin and yang.

The first inner circles

The first inner circles represent the circle of trust, the relationship of trust and trustworthiness we have inside these six core values. The colors black and red are chosen because of passion.

The second inner circle

The second inner circle represents the rising sun, the new beginning.

The temples and the mountain

Inside the red circle are the temples on the mountain that represent our journey from birth, the ups and downs, small and big. Through hard work and dedication we will reach our temple and fullfilment.

The hands

Below the mountain are the hands that great you with mutual acceptance, awareness, compassion, empathy, respect and understanding.