Emblem of Respect Contributor

We are looking for Contributors

First of all, The Emblem of Respect is nonprofit. So we will never charge you for anything. We are trying to establish a symbol for Martial Artists, an Emblem for the core values of Martial Arts and between all Martial Artists.

To unite all Martial Artists under the core values of The Emblem of Respect and speak directly to the goodness in humanity.

What we are looking for

We are looking for Martial Artists (teachers and students) who enjoy practicing their artform and are passionate about the core values of The Emblem of Respect. To help spread the word and willing to help bring awareness to their Martial Art form!

What is in it for you?

A personal page

To promote you and your dojo.

Donate to get your own personal page.

A feature on our brands page

To promote any equipement or supplier.

You will get your own Feature.


To promote your Instagram account.

A story on our Socials

What you can do to help